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List of products by brand Newly

Newly is a totally new concept in the world of picture hanging- and presentation systems. Hanging is an art and you should get the most out of it. The right combination of comfort, carrying capacity and invisibility provides the best way of hanging and presentation. Newly offers complete systems that ensure optimum performance and ease of use by new technologies and innovations

Picture Hanging Solutions Designed By The Marketplace

The Newly Picture Hanging System began out of frustration with the artwork hanging process. The process of rearranging artwork and repairing damage from where art was previously hung on the walls was time-consuming and costly.

Newly picture-hanging products incorporate not just our own experience, but also direct feedback from art professionals around the world. By listening to the needs and wants of the marketplace, Newly has created the perfect range of picture hanging solutions. If you have any suggestions, remarks, problems, or ideas related to hanging systems or picture hanging, please contact us. Your ideas are our challenges and maybe a new product in the future!