AOS zelfklemmende plafond nok 10kg

GeckoTeq Ceiling suspension system - 20kg

GT0046 / K4-R7

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GeckoTeq Universal Screw - 4.5x45mm £0.08
GeckoTeq Universel Wall Plug - 6mm £0.05
GeckoTeq Allen Key - 4,0mm £1.99
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This GeckoTeq glossy ceiling cable system has a load carrying capacity of 20kg. This materials clamp has stylized self-gripping ceiling fastener, that comes complete as set including a wire of 1 meter in length.

The wire is clamped firmly when inserted. Excess wire exits at the top of the clamp, and can then – if so desired - be cut off. The flange socket against the ceiling has a diameter of 10 mm so that any drilling damage is covered neatly. By pressing the middle small nipple, the wire can also be very easily removed.

The materails clamp can hold products such as Posters, Board, Dibond, Forex, Acrylic, MDF or Perspex to the maximum with of 8,0mm - You may also need the Allen key or hex wrench GT0142 - 4,0mm, which you have to select seperately, here above.


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