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GeckoTeq WallBuddies (incl. screws)

GT0068 / K3-R11

per set of 2 - available in 2 sizes

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New to the GeckoTeq range are the “Wallbuddies” in two handy formats. Designed, patented and made in USA, they add strength to corners of frames and help users hang framed artwork level and professionally. Unlike wire and cord, which are traditionally used to hang frames, WallBuddie hangers keep framed artwork and mirrors level & flush on walls and stop the frame tipping away from the wall. Frames are easily levelled without tools.

“Wallbuddies” are available in two different versions to suit most frame types. Each type comes in handed pairs and are inclusive of screws.

Weight carrying capacity: Small = 12kg - Large = 30kg


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