Artiteq Uniq hanger + 1mm staaldraad 200cm twister + Micro Haak

Artiteq Uniq Hanger + Steel Wire + Micro Hook

7840220 / K2-R5
the Uniq hanger comes with a 1mm Steel Twister Wire + 1mm Micro Hook - weight cap 10kg

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This Artiteq Uniq painting hanger can be mounted on the wall – so no rail is necessary. This hanger is also suitable for mounting on sloping walls. It doesn’t matter where you hang the Uniq hanger, your wall decorations will hang straight and close to the wall.

This Uniq pendant set includes a micro hook (Artiteq Micro grip) and a micro steel wire of 1mm with a length of 200 cm and a Uniq wall-hanger with mounting materials.

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