Newly rail stopper set 150cm incl 5kg mini haak

Newly Rail Stopper (Set)

7020200 / K2-R6

incl. Newly H50 Mini Hook - 5kg + Perlon Wire - 150cm

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Always wanted to hang up a painting (picture) on the sloping wall upstairs in your attic? Then this set is the perfect solution for you! This stopper set makes it possible to hang up your artwork on a sloping wall. You slide the stopper into the rail and then fasten this securely, with an Allen key, into the place where you wish to hang up your artwork. Then you attach your wire at this place and voila! You can then hang your artwork up there, and this will remain in place and hang straight, due to the stopper. The stopper set contains one hook with a weight-carrying capacity of 5 kg (Newly H50 hook), one perlon wire with a length of 150 cm, one stopper and one Allen key.


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Handleiding Rail Stopper Set

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