Euro Schroefduim met kruisgleuf - 40x5.25mm

GeckoTeq Duratrax - Garden Fork / Shovel Hook GSH6

GT0316 / K7

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GeckoTeq Duratrax - Suspension rail GSR1 £17.95
GeckoTeq Duratrax assembly Set WF2 £2.95
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GeckoTeq Duratrax suspension system for your bikes and tools - with "CLICK & FIX"
No more space in the shed, stable, delivery van, van, shack, etc.
Bikes are in the way
Stumbling over brooms, rakes, scoops
Cannot find anything any more
Rolling and sliding tools in the delivery van or bus
Never be able to find a good working and affordable suspension system
The hooks do not hang in the desired location afterwards

Solution: GeckoTeq - "Click & Fix" 
- Fork Hook

Use: universal, garden tools

Size: L-10 cm B-8.5 cm H-12.5 cm

material: aluminum

In two simple steps:
Rail attachment:
Secure rail with the corresponding screws and plugs.
Click the movable hook on the rail

Individual hook attachment:
Attach wall block
Click hook

Always fits
Very solid
Neat and Elegant
Space saving
Click & Fix system
Easy assembly
Durable and functional
Load capacity 200 kg per meter
Extensive system (large diversity hooks)
Very affordable and of high quality
All hooks can be attached and removed when you wish
Multiple rails above, below and next to each other possible
Multifunctional wall blocks - also for clicking individual hooks


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3 business days
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Wall mounting
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