Coat and Towel Hooks

The almost unbreakable, attractive, affordable coat hook, for school, work and home.

Coat and Towel Hooks

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Towel & wardrobe hooks

Hooks in schools and sports accommodations should be able to take a beating. They are quickly seen as a gymnastic attribute but emotions can also pose a threat. GeckoTeq delivers "Toughooks" hooks which, because of the special design, can withstand some violence, because Toughooks are unbreakable plastic coat racks or wardrobe hooks.

They are an affordable, attractive way to make your wardrobe, changing room or workplace safer. Use Toughooks anywhere you currently use metal clothes hooks to significantly reduce the risk of eye and shoulder injuries due to excellent metal hooks.

These hooks are available in three different sizes with a wide choice of colors. And look just as well, they also do not go wrong at home.

Large assortment of towel hooks

To make towel hooks as suitable as possible for you, we supply them in many models. For example, you can choose a model with one hook or a model with, for example, 4 towel hooks. We offer our towel hooks in such a way that you can install them easily and simply by means of a patented 3M adhesive strip. First clean the wall well!