Complete All-in-one Kits

These low priced all-in-one kits are complete! They contain everything you need: the rail, all fastener material, end caps as well as the picture wires and hooks. Also kits for just hooks and wires.

Complete All-in-one Kits

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Do you find sorting out what comes with what a bit tricky and do you prefer ready-made packages with picture rails, clips, endcaps, wires and hooks where all accessories are included? To meet that demand, we have compiled various packages with the challenging name "All-in-One Sets".

Easy to choose and to order. But please pay attention to the fact that here too are a number of rail types that can easily be painted together with your wall, so they are even less noticeable.

You will notice All-in-One sets for the hanging wires, which are then provided with the corresponding hooks. You can choose from both the Artiteq and Newly brands. Convenience serves the handy man in this case.