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Artiteq Click Rail Set 200cm - 20kg

Artiteq Click Rail Set in white 200cm - 20kg


This 200 cm rail has a weight carrying capacity of 20kg per meter and comes in white

This kit contains everything you need for the suspension of the Artiteq Click Rail. A flexible hanging system can be integrated easily and quickly into your home with the Click Rail. In three simple steps you’ll be able to attach the rail to the wall. By clicking or sliding the wires with hooks you can create a flexible suspension of your decorations.

This white rail is 200 cm long and has a weight-carrying capacity of 20kg per metre. The Artiteq Click Rail is meant to be attached to the wall. This set includes; 1 x 150cm perlon wire, 1 x self-locking Picture Hanging hook, 2 x end caps and all the other mounting materials you need.


Data sheet

Delivery time
3 business days
Mounting type
Wall mounting
Carrying capacity per meter
Rail width
Rail height
Screws per meter
Plugs per meter
Clips per meter
Power supply
Rail length

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Artiteq Mini Catalogus 2013

Download (1.95MB)

Handleiding Click Rail

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Manual Click Rail

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Anleitung Click Rail

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