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over ons    About Us is a shop specialized in picture-hanging systems from brands Stas, Newly and Artiteq. The shop is part of Amersfoort Art Gallery. Established at the Princess Juliana Square 66 in Amersfoort, the art of picture framing of Amersfoort Art Gallery is very well known in the region. Since 2005, the framing business was extended by a gallery specializing in contemporary art.

over ons  Interested?

Stop by and get some non-binding advice on a beautiful piece of art or view our collection online at Our expertise and enthusiasm about picture hanging systems made us decide to expand our business in 2011 with this store for picture hanging systems. Whether for your home, business or organization, our goal is to make your art or work look as good as possible!

Contact  Contact

Questions by telephone:

The opening hours of our customer service are from tuesday-friday from 09.30 to 17.00 and you can reach us by phone on +31 (0)85 401 0928

Questions by e-mail:

For general questions, tips or suggestions by e-mail, please click on the blue button to the left of the screen. For specific questions about an order, we refer you through to our Customer Service page. We're careful with your personal information and never provide it to any third parties.

Our showroom

Galerie Amersfoort

We'd love to welcome you to our showroom at the Prinses Julianaplein 66 in Amersfoort. 

Alle Ophangsystemen t/a Picture Hanging Systems 
Central warehouse + showroom 
Prinses Julianaplein 66 
3817 CS Amersfoort
The Netherlands
Dutch Chamber of Commerce:  67 88 46 01
Dutch VAT number NL 85 72 12 667 B01

IBAN: NL 86 INGB 0005 81 57 56

Your main contact person is Jur Dijkman.

Jur Dijkman