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Why hang up artworks with a hanging system?

If you own beautiful artworks in your home, you will naturally want to enjoy them in the best way possible. One of the best ways to hang up your art is by using an artwork hanging system. In this way, you can hang up almost all pictures or artwork in a professional and inexpensive manner.

The advantages for an artwork hanging system are:

- Your artwork is simple to move on the wall.
- Firmly attachment to the wall therefore protected against falling.
- No holes in the wall itself. Ideal for any type of drywall.
- The use of lights to create an extra impression; especially in the evening.

An artwork hanging system for various types of art

A hanging system can be used for various types of art. Nearly all objects, to which a hook can be attached, are suitable to be used with a hanging system. A hanging system can carry up to 100 kg per metre; therefore heavier art objects can also be hung professionally. Examples are:

Stone artworks
And much more...

Protect art against theft with the J-rails security hanging system

A hanging system is also very suitable to protect your valuable artwork against theft. The J-rail hanging system has been developed to lock the object onto the rail. In this way, the artwork cannot be lifted from the hook and the rail is also properly protected.

Besides which, there are also safety sets available, that attach the object in such a way, that there is virtually no chance of theft.

Various hanging systems for artwork

Artwork can be neatly hung up in various ways all over the home, office or in a gallery. The various ways to hang up artwork can be done using:

Rail systems
Hanging rods
Hanging wires
Hanging hooks
Partition wall hooks
Suspension cable systems

Artwork hanging systems for private people, businesses and institutions

The hanging up of artwork with a professional hanging system can be used for private persons, as well as for larger groups i.e. Museums, galleries, offices, schools, hospitals and/or government institutions. For orders of larger quantities, we can apply the B2B competitive pricing formula. Please feel free to contact us and we shall give you a customized offer.

Would you like to hang up your artwork with an art hanging system?

Please look through our Website assortment, visit our shop in Amersfoort or ask us for free advice!