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Hanging System purchase and installation Advice

Good advice and installation at competitive prices

Good advice and have your hanging systems fitted at competitive prices

Are you looking for an installer for your hanging system? Or do you need help with your selection of the right products? Please feel free to contact us. We would like to offer you advice and we can also help your installer or handyman install these for you. We can offer special price arrangements for larger quantities to all businesses, schools, institutions and also individuals. We explain all the possibilities to you in a personal interview. Based on all your personal wishes, we can give you a competitive price proposal.

The solution for all the hanging of your wall decorations

A hanging system is the ideal way to hang up a picture, poster, photo frame, canvas or almost any type of wall decoration. Even a whiteboard, acrylic sheets or dibond can be hung up simply and in a professional manner, without having to drill in the middle of the wall. Our hanging systems are therefore most suitable for e.g.:
- Businesses
- Offices
- Shops
- Schools / Universities
- Galleries
- Museums
And for any other comparable space, where you want to hang your precious pictures or paintings. There are hanging systems in all types and sizes and for almost every requirement.

Fitting of the Hanging System yourself or having your handyman do it for you

You can install our hanging systems quite simply yourself. Watch all the available demonstration films associated with our products on our online website. Should you still have any questions after the watching of our films or the reading of our product information, feel free to contact our help desk.

Guarantee and lifespan

You receive, only from us, a 5-year guarantee on manufacturing faults of all our products. In this way, you are ensured of a good and permanent working system. A picture hanging system will last many years and therefore is a single investment that will save you much time when hanging, changing or removing your wall decorations.

Why you should choose Picture Hanging Systems

Picture has the largest assortment of all types of hanging systems in the UK, with all the best brands (Artiteq, STAS and Newly) available. Besides which, we have years of experience and can give you professional and personal advice. Picture has:

- All available types and brands
- Products with unique properties
- Large quantities in stock, therefore competitive pricing available
- Personal advice per telephone or by e-mail
- 5-year guarantee

Limited time offer!

Due to a large amount of stock bought in of various popular hanging systems, we can temporarily offer extremely competitive prices! Please contact us today for an offer, but take note, offer is only as long as stocks last!

Yes! I wish to make use of the offer
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