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Suspension parts and for acoustic, soundproofing and LED panels

The purchase of acoustic or soundproof panels is one thing. You pick them up or have them delivered, but hanging panels should not spoil your mood. This is also not necessary in the realization that the means to hang sound-absorbing panels are available and extremely friendly to use. This of course also applies to hanging LED panels.

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Acoustic panels dampen the sound

In an environment with hard materials, such as can be the case with floors and walls, reverberation is created. If you want to sing nice and loud, such walls can still be stimulating. But for everyday use, such a “hard” surface cries out for sound insulation. And this also has to be installed in order to optimize the sound absorption. We make the hanging of sound-insulating, or if you prefer, acoustic panels, a relaxing job.

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Hanging systems for acoustic and LED panels are smart because of their simplicity

The suspension parts can be ordered separately, but also available as suspension sets. Sound-absorbing panels are widely used nowadays and not only in studios, but also in concert halls, conference rooms, offices or just at home. A bedroom with hard walls and a hard floor immediately becomes a pleasant space with the right acoustic panels. The acoustics in classrooms can sometimes be very annoying. All the sound is magnified, while the input of pupils and students is more than enough in itself. In that case, acoustic panels are the solution.

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To start with, a suspension option that is not often thought of are the tension gripper hooks. These allow tension wire to be tightly stretched between the ceiling and the panels. By applying a cam with self braking grippers on the wire itself, you can mount and install the panels very easily and hang all types of panels at the desired (and equal) height.

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It is best to hang both sound-absorbing wall panels and ceiling panels. This reduces unwanted reflections between the walls and between the floor and the ceiling. With two opposite walls, you only need to hang these panels on one wall to reduce the reflections.

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Hanging acoustic or absorption panels from a ceiling

The basis of the suspension from the ceiling is simply a ceiling- and panel mounting, with a wire in between. Numerous connecting elements can be hung from it, depending on the type of sound-absorbing panels. The connection between the ceiling and the panel consists of a choice between a perlon wire or steel wire. You do never need to tie a knot in this hanging wire, because for this we can supply the so-called wire clamping ferrules. It is a matter of tucking the ends of the wire into the crimping wire clamp and squeezing it with pliers. However, if there is a system ceiling in the room concerned, there are also hanging parts with a click mounting. It is always important to pay attention to the maximum load-bearing capacity of the ceiling. Hanging absorption panels then only consists of the connection between the click hook and the panel.

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Installing panels on ceilings can also be done magnetically or with a loop hanger.

If you think “how simple we make it” then we would like to confirm that with the help of our range of suspension parts and suspension sets, hanging acoustic panels is really a “piece of cake”. Most suspended ceilings have a metal frame, which offers a great option to attach the base mounting via magnets with a suspension hook. And there is even a smart solution for hanging panels from continuous pipes, grids or pipes. A wire knot remains a horror, but with our Loop Hanger solution installing panels has become an effortless job.

What can you do with our suspension materials and suspension sets?

We give you a list with which our hanging products can offer you a helping hand and reduce the hanging to a friendly job:

  • Mount the LED panel
  • Fixing sound insulation
  • Mounting acoustic panels
  • Sound-absorbing panels on the ceiling or wall
  • Install sound-absorbing plates or panels
  • Acoustic panels hang from a suspended ceiling.

Not only for acoustic panels, you can go to “Perfect Hanging Systems” for all conceivable hanging means, as our name indicates.

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