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With Newly it is not an art to hang art

In our assortment overview you will find many ways and tools to hang art, photos and many other things. On this page we want to put the Newly brand in the spotlight. Newly understands the art of combining design and technology, thus providing ideal tools for anyone who wants to hang artworks.
However, everything starts with the advice that art, photos or images should not be hung against the wall but on a rail. With just a few holes you can hang a rail and never see it again. No more holes in the wall that you must first close when changing art. If that is invisible to do at all. So start by making a choice from the various types of Newly rails.

With a Newly rail you immediately have 10 Newly features
1. Easy and fast installation thanks to the free drilling template, so you always have the correct mounting height.
2. Via smart clips, the rail (s) can be mounted flush with the ceiling, creating a beautiful whole of the wall with the ceiling.
3. The clips can also serve as a rail connector at the same time.
4. The ends of the suspension cords disappear invisibly into the rail
5. Give the rail the same color as the wall? No problem, because the Newly rail has a special powder coating that can be painted over.
6. The R10 rail from Newly, has a slender design (only 17mm high) and is still so strong that a weight of 20 kg per meter is no problem.
7. That 20 kilo also applies to the twister cords; turn a half turn and they are anchored in the rail and of course at any desired location.
8. To hang the art work on the cord or cable there is the self-locking hook (H100). Small, nice but good to carry 20 kg.
9. Feel free to hang your artwork on a sloping rail in, for example, a stairwell or a sloping wall in the attic. A Newly rail stopper does its job.
10. It is not just the beautiful words about Newly. The brand guarantees manufacturing defects for 5 years.

With art on a rail you have horizontal and vertical freedom
If you want to arrange furniture in a room in a different way, then you may have omitted that in the past because you would also have to relocate your artwork (s). The Newly rail gives you complete freedom back. A little higher or two meters to the left becomes a "piece of cake". Multiple works of art or photos on one wall only requires a few extra twister cords and hooks. So leave your drill in the storage room. With a Newly rail and tools you work at museum level.

If there are still questions about this subject, do not hesitate to call or email us. At All Hanging Systems we are always happy to assist you.