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picture hanging system

What is a picture hanging system?

There are practical hanging systems for pictures and other art- or wall decorations that exist for the purpose of hanging these up neatly with minimal fuss and without making holes in the middle of your walls.

With a picture hanging system, you do not have to drill or hammer nails into the wall, which leave ugly holes. A picture hanging system consists of a hanging rail with cords and hooks that is attached either to the ceiling, the very top of wall or under a cornice.

Wgat is a picture hanging system?

Why choose a picture hanging system?

A picture hanging system is a beautiful solution to hanging up pictures in a safe, but flexible manner. The picture is attached firmly to the wall, but can be easily moved to any other position on the wall, at any given moment, without having to drill new holes in the wall. Ideal for galleries, museums, offices, schools, showrooms and homes.

Besides which, there are also hanging systems with lighting available, which enhance the artwork, giving a professional finish. In this way, your picture will impress your guests even more.

Why choose a picture hanging system?

Various picture hanging systems

Hanging systems for pictures are available in various forms. There are:

Rails systems
Hanging rods
Hanging wires
Hanging hooks
Partition wall hooks
Suspension cable systems

Various picture hanging systems

The choice for one of the above hanging systems depends on a few factors, including:

How often do you want to hang up and change the objects?
How much weight capacity do you need?
What appearance / colour are you looking for?

Besides which you have a choice in the brand of hanging system. These are:

Artiteq hanging system
Newly hanging system
Stas hanging system

and our own House Brand


Do you need help with your choice of picture hanging system?

Do you need advice which picture hanging system suits you best? Please feel free to contact us!


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