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When you’ve decided which picture rails you want to have in your home the next step is to figure out which type of picture rail hanger you want to use. There are many different ways to hang your picture on the rail and there are different types of picture rail hangers. First it’s important to decide if you want a picture hanging wire or a picture hanging rod.

Picture Hanging Wire

Picture hanging wire is perfect when you want to hang a picture or piece of art that is not really heavy.

Perlon wires are transparent so you’ll have a practically invisible picture rail hanger.

Steel wires are in comparison to the perlon ones more suitable for a bit more heavier pictures.

See all our picture hanging wires.

Picture Hanging Rod

When the picture is a lot heavier it’s better to get a steel or aluminium rod.

We offer rods with a twister head and rods with a u-top. The twister head will disappear entirely in the rail and the U-shape rod can be attached quickly onto the rail.
See all our picture hanging rods.

In both picture rail hangers (wire and rod) there are different types and styles, but that’s totally up to your personal preference.

Picture Hanging Hooks

The last thing is to decide which type of hook you want. Just like the wires and rods there are a lot of different types and styles for example:
- self-locking
- screw-locking
- 4x4 rod hooks
- and many more

All these hooks are suitable to hang pictures, paintings and other decoration perfectly and quickly.

You can find our assortment of picture hanging hooks in our webshop.

Now you’re all set. You’ve got everything you need to hang your art or treasured photos and you’re able to display them in a very elegant way.

If you have any questions about picture rail hangers, don’t hesitate to contact us.