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Cooling-off period:
We at do everything to ensure that you will be entirely satisfied with your order. Should you still wish to return your purchase, then you may within 14 days of your purchase. This is the cooling-off period as such. This period starts on the day that you have received your parcel, either by you personally, or by someone on behalf of you. To return the parcel, you can follow our return procedure.
What you can do in the following situations:

You have ordered the wrong article by mistake:
In spite of the search engine / system for article category, article type, or article number, you may unfortunately order an incorrect article. You can then follow our return procedure, to return the parcel back to us. Shipping costs will have to paid by you, the consumer.

You have received an incorrect article, or your parcel is not complete:
Always check your order on arrival to see if it is complete and correct. If an incorrect product has been delivered to you, or an article is missing, you must inform the customer service. We shall make sure that the mistake is corrected as soon as possible.

You have received a defective product:
If you have received a defective product, you can follow our warranty procedure.

Terms of our warranties: There is a legal guarantee on each and every product. Besides this, we extend a specific warranty per product group:

Stas picture hanging systems:
All original picture hanging systems from this manufacturer fall under the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Newly picture hanging systems:
At, you will receive a 5 year warranty for all parts from Newly.

Artiteq picture hanging systems:
At, you will receive a 10 year warranty for all parts from Artiteq.

Various picture hanging systems:
At, you will receive 12 months warranty on products with defects from other manufacturers.

Warranty Procedure
It is annoying if an article does not function, or does not function as it should. Always follow the instructions for use on the package, and check the manual of your art-hanging system for eventual solutions of your problem. If an article does not function well directly after receiving it, then it is necessary for you to contact us about the problem, as soon as possible. In this case, contact our Customer Service, for a solution to the problem. If the article is defect, then we shall always offer a solution. Take the following steps, if you wish to send us an article for the warranty:

- Ask for an RMA-number from our Customer Service, within the warranty time.
- Once you know the RMA-number, return the defect article to us, as soon as is possible, and within 14 days.
- Pack the guaranteed article in a secure manner when returning to us.
- There must be a letter with address details, and the telephone number, as well as a description of the problem, and the RMA-number, included in the parcel. Also include a copy of your purchase slip / receipt as well.

- The consumer carries the risk of the return-parcel, so we advise you to send the parcel via track-and-trace and to retain that postage slip as proof, so that in the event of the parcel being lost, you can claim from the postal transport service.


Return procedure:
For a return parcel-order, you can follow the following procedure:

- Ask for a RET-number within 14 days after receiving your order.
- Fill in the return-form completely and send / mail this to our
- The order should be returned as quickly as is possible, and within 14 days, as soon as the RET-number is known.
- The original packaging of the picture-hanging system parts is very important. These products must therefore be (where applicable), unopened, in the original packaging and undamaged.
- If indeed the packaging has been damaged, then can choose to reimburse only a part of the cost of the product.
- Do not write any text or stick any stickers - tape on the packaging.
- Re-pack the return article/s in a cardboard box, or in the original delivery tube / packaging, to protect them at all times during transport.
- The return-parcel must have sufficient postage for return to us.
- The RET-number must be clearly visible on the return-parcel.
- The consumer carries all risks for the return-parcel. We advise you to send the parcel with "track-and-trace", and to retain the postage slip as proof, so that in the event of the parcel being lost, you can claim from the postal transport service.

When you can't return a product:
- Opened or damaged products, such as screws and plugs.
- Products that have been manufactured especially for the buyer - for e.g. extra long or short wires.
- Products that have been damaged in use by the consumer.
- Products that have not been bought via our webshop.

- upholds the right to refuse to fully credit, or even credit a part of the invoice amount of the returned goods, when the product/s have been opened, used or damaged. If you have other questions about the return of any of our products, please contact our customer service.


Despite all our efforts, it may happen that you are not satisfied with our products or service. If this is the case, please inform us of your complaint as soon as possible. We will respond as soon as possible - within 14 days to your complaint. Make us aware of your complaint:

1. First please call us at +31(0)85-4010928. The employees of our customer service will try to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction.
2. Still not satisfied with the solution offered? Send your complaint as complete as possible by e-mail to customer service. We will review your complaint again and, if possible, try to offer a different solution.