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Hanging a painting without drilling naturally sounds ideal. Drilling after all causes damage to the wall.
However, the key question is: Is it possible to hang a painting without drilling? Hanging a painting is often done to give a room atmosphere. Art can thereby be very decisive in, for example, a living room. But it is a shame to have to drill a hole in the wall to hang the painting. Because what if the painting looks better in another place? Whether there will be another painting that actually needs to be at a different height?

To prevent drilling in a wall, alternatives are often considered. We can subdivide those alternatives into five categories:
1. Adhesive tape, tape or velcro tape
The main disadvantage of this method is that it will probably leave ugly marks on your wall or wallpaper after removing your photo frame. Sometimes a simple solution such as double-sided adhesive tape or Velcro offers the intended result. However, experience shows that in the long run it often comes off and the painting subsequently falls. The tape also often damages the painting and / or the wall, for example because the paint or even plaster layer comes along. This is therefore far from the neatest and most secure option.
2. Self-adhesive brackets
These work reasonably well, but if you want to remove them again, the paint, wallpaper and / or plaster may come off. These hooks can seriously damage your wall and probably cost you time, money and effort to repair and repaint the wall.
3. Self-adhesive poster tacks
These work just like adhesive tape, but are much less likely to cause damage to your wall. However, these are unfortunately not suitable for safely hanging photo and picture frames of any weight.
4. Magnetic systems
Persian painting hooks are available that can offer a solution. In practice it only appears that there are not often walls for which a magnetic suspension system is the solution. Here too it often appears that a painting is too heavy to hang on a magnet.
5. Existing hook
The last way to hang photos, paintings or posters without drilling or nails is to use an existing hook and attach a cord to it. This method will not work so well if you want to elegantly hang a fairly heavy framed photo or painting.
The solution: a painting hanging system
Hanging a painting works best by drilling to guarantee the certainty. With a painting suspension system, consisting of suspension rails, suspension wires and suspension hooks, you do not drill in the plane of the wall, but at the top of the wall or in the ceiling. Therefore you do not have to drill again when you want to move a painting or add one. The walls remain undamaged.
Order your painting hanging system online or get free advice
For every situation an ideal hanging system can be found to hang a painting without drilling into the visible surface of the wall. If you want advice on which suspension system best suits your situation, please contact us by email.