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STAS Hanging System

With a Stas Hanging System, you can simply, safely and flexibly hang up and change the position of your wall decorations such as pictures, photo frames and art. A Stas hanging system can be mounted on virtually every type of wall or ceiling, such as drywalls, a brick wall or even a cement wall.

Hanging up a picture without drilling

The mounting of a rail system is very simple. With matching hanging hooks and cords, you can simply hang up wall decorations, remove or change them, without even using tools, screws, nails or any other products that result in having holes in the wall.

About STAS

STAS picture hanging systems delivers art hanging systems worldwide to prestigious museums, galleries, universities and government institutions. But STAS also offers excellent solutions for the hanging up of pictures, photo's and other wall decorations on the domestic or office front.

STAS was founded by the brothers Rien and André Stas from Hapert. The company is situated in Eindhoven and exports these innovative products worldwide to at least 52 countries.

Do you also want a STAS hanging system?

View our assortment of all the STAS hanging systems and order direct in our online webshop. If you do not know which STAS hanging system is suitable for you, feel free to contact us for free advice.

For orders of larger quantities, we can apply the competitive B2B pricing formula. Please feel free to contact us and we shall give you a customized offer


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