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GeckoTeq 100 Multi-Hook Wall Brackets

GT0063 / K7

this is a bulk item - the size each hook is 34.5 x 19.5 mm and is supplied incl. Screws & Plugs

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GeckoTeq wall brackets 34.5 x 19.5 mm for the GeckoTeq self-adhesive Multi Hooks.

The GeckoTeq Adhesive Multihaak is a suspension system specially developed for flat plates such as Mirrors, Perspex, DiBond, Forex, Trespa, Triplex and (acrylic) plates. The most beautiful memories recorded on acrylic or dibond deserve a nice spot on the wall in your home or office.

The GeckoTeq Multihaak set, with a capacity of 6kg, is easy to mount and is a safe and almost invisible system using 2 of these wall brackets. These brackets come exclusive of screws and wall plugs.


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