Newly Multihaak Zelfklevend (Set)

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GeckoTeq Bulk pack DiBond Glass Forex Mirror Hangers

GT0350 - 45x45 / K6

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The GeckoTeq self-adhesive DiBond Multihaak is a suspension system specially developed for flat plates such as Mirrors, Perspex, DiBond, Forex, Trespa, Triplex and (acrylic) plates. The most beautiful memories recorded on acrylic or dibond deserve a nice spot on the wall in your home or office.

The GeckoTeq Dibond Multihaak set is easy to mount self-adhesive and is a safe and almost invisible system by using perlon cords. Note - these hooks must be mounted on a first grease-free surface and are not suitable for fibrous or porous surfaces such as MDF, rough wood, plasterboard or plaster blocks.

The GeckoTeq Multihaak can also be used in combination with a suspension rail and is therefore also suitable for hanging several plates together.

The GeckoTeq Dibond Multihaak in Bulk consists of 100 or 50 x 1 self-adhesive hook
The illustrated wires and PVC bumpers must be ordered separately.

Available :
  45 x 45mm = 1.0kg = 100 pieces
  40 x 80mm = 2.0kg = 100 pieces
  80 x 80mm = 4.0kg = 100 pieces
100 x 100mm = 6.0kg = 100 pieces
100 x 200mm = 12.0kg = 50 pieces

GT0350 - 45x45

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