Euro Schroefduim met kruisgleuf - 40x5.25mm

GeckoTeq Leveling hanger disc per set of incl. screws and plugs

GT0067 / K4-R8

sold per set of 2 - size 20,5 x 3,5 mm

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GeckoTeq Selfadhesive Dibond Multi Hook incl. transparent PVC spacers (set) £2.25
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GeckoTeq Levelling Hangers for the selfadhesive Hanging Plates 20,5 x 3,5mm.

A-symmetrical plastic mouldings with a lip and an off-centre hole in grey. GeckoTeq levelling hangers are fixed to the wall in pairs with hardened pins or 2,5mm screws.

Hole is off-centre and the hangers are turned to level the Hanging Plates. Each hangers has a 5mm vertical adjustment and comes incl screws and wall plugs. Hardened pins are not included.


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