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GeckoTeq Selfadhesive Dibond Multi Hook incl. transparent PVC spacers

GT0126 - 45x45

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The GeckoTeq selfadhesive DiBond Multi Hook is a picture hanging system that has been developed especially for flat plates, such as dibond, forex, trespa, triplex and other (acrylic) plates. The best memories captured on acrylic or dibond deserve a nice spot on the wall in your home or office.

The GeckoTeq Dibond Multi hook set is easy to mount and is a safe and almost invisible system using perlon wire. It can also be used in combination with a suspension rail and is also suitable to hang several plates below each other.

The GeckoTeq Dibond Multi Hook Set includes:
1 x self-adhesive hook
2 x adhesive PVC transparent spacers

Note: Not only the weight of the panel to be hung is important, but also the size. For a panel wider than 50cm, a Multi hook of at least 80 x 80mm must be selected and for a panel wider than 100cm a Multi hook of at least 100 x 100mm

The wires illustrated above must be ordered separately.

Available sizes:
  45 x 45mm  =   1,0kg
  40 x 80mm  =   2,0kg
  70 x 70mm  =   4,0kg
100 x 100mm =  6,0kg
100 x 200mm = 12,0kg

The load-bearing capacity depends on many factors, such as the surface and the material of the (photo) panel itself. It is also very important to properly clean the surface to be covered with an alcohol cleaner and to wait at least 24 hours before hanging the object.

GT0126 - 45x45

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