GeckoTeq Selfadhesive Mirror DiBond Wall set

GeckoTeq Selfadhesive Mirror DiBond Wall set - 100x100 x2 - 2 Leveling Discs, 4 PVC Spacers and 1 Solvent Wipe Sachet

GT0128 / K2-R8

comes complete with 2 screws and wall plugs

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This GeckoTeq selfadhesive Multi Hook 6kg set, is a picture hanging system that has been developed especially for flat plates, such as dibond, forex, trespa, triplex and other (acrylic) plates. The best memories captured on acrylic or dibond deserve a nice spot on the wall in your home or office. The Newly Multi hook set is easy to mount and is a safe and almost invisible system.

The A-symmetrical plastic mouldings with a lip and an off-centre hole in grey are levelling hangers and are fixed to the wall in pairs with hardened pins or screws. Holes are off-centre and the hangers are turned to level the Hanging Plates. Each hangers has a 5mm vertical adjustment. Screws and wall plugs are not included and must be ordered seperately.

The GeckoTeq Multi Hook Wall Set includes:
2 selfadhesive Multi hooks of 100 x 100
2 A-symmetrical plastic discs 20,5 x 7,5 mm,
2 screws,
2 wall plugs,
4 transparant selfadhesive PVC spacers 20 x 20 x 7,5 mm.

Is is very important to clean the surface of the object thoroughly, before attaching the GeckoTeq selfadhesive Multi hooks.  Failing to do so, may result in the object falling down.


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