DiBond & Acrylic

Here you will find all the DiBond, Forex and Acrylic panel hanging systems you may require.

DiBond & Acrylic

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DiBond / Acrylic suspension systems

Have you recorded a nice memory and have it printed on acrylic or DiBond? These suspension sets are a perfect suspension system for Plexiglas, Forex, Triplex and Acrylate sheets with a thickness of up to 6 mm.

The next step is that you want to hang them in a beautiful way. Then you will see a large number of options here. GeckoTeq has a large share in this with, for example, self-adhesive hangers, ceiling cables with sealing lugs against the ceiling and rails. The latter, of course, are also self-adhesive.

Naturally, this part of our range also includes accessories such as standards, cables and wire clamps. Thin material requires modest suspension systems and that is precisely where we offer an extensive range.

The ArtiTeq and Newly brands are also represented by, among other things, cables and rail sets. All components have been considered, all you have to do is select them.