End Caps

Here you will find all the picture hanging rail endcaps you may require.

End Caps

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End caps

End caps are indispensable for neatly closing a rail. A rail may still be so functional; you also want the ends finished in the same style. We offer you the right end caps to achieve this. To give a few examples, End caps for the ArtiTeq Click Rail, but also for all the available Stas and Newly rails systems.

For the STAS rail, in addition to the usual end caps, there is also a so-called “Combi” cap. These serve not only as End cap, but also make a perfect corner connection of 2 rails. The GeckoTeq brand end caps are available for the paper clamp rail.

The brands and caps are clearly indicated, so you can easily make your choice. Attaching the end caps is the same for all versions; you only have to press them into the end of the rail.

The cap also covers slightly the end of rail, so if you have not completely cut the rail at right angles, the cap will ensure that no one notices this.