Hooks and Hangers

Here you will find all the picture hanging hooks and components you may require.

Hooks and Hangers

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Hanging hooks

To hang a photo, painting, image or other work of art in a responsible manner, you cannot escape some practical tools. You can therefore expect from "Perfect Hanging Systems" that these aids are included in our assortment. On this page you will see a multitude of suspension means such as brackets, hooks, rings, suspension sets, etc.

You will encounter the world famous Floreat wall hooks, the WallBuddies and the painting hooks for the back of your painting or framing, the Multi-hooks for Photo Panels and the Foam Spikes from GeckoTeq.

And to fix all this to the wall, especially the screw thumb is very clever, because normally you have to turn it around with a pair of pliers to get into the plug. However, this one has a Phillips head and you only need a Phillips screwdriver (manual or electric).

So useful things that make viewing this page definitely worthwhile.