Lighting Comp.

Here you will find all the picture hanging rail lighting parts and components you may require.

Lighting Comp.

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Suspension rail systems where the 12V power circuit is integrated, you can hardly do better. The systems are particularly suitable for the perfectionist who wants a lot of lighting flexibility. It is advisable that you look carefully at the different possibilities and construction. You will be offered various choices regarding the type of lamps and the design of the rials themselves.

The Stas brand offers you various interesting variants: a rail that, in terms of attachment, requires a small distance away from the ceiling, a rail with flange precisely intended for a ceiling connection or a rail with a beautiful ornamental finish to complement the wall and the ceiling.

When ordering you will see that there is a huge choice in accessories such as transformers, luminaires and lamp types. The transformers deserve extra attention. For example, with an equal number of connected lamps, the wattage at Halogen is significantly higher than with LED. Therefore choose the transformer that fits the total wattage of the connected lamps