Rail Clips

Here you will find all the picture hanging rail wallclips you may require.

Rail Clips

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Wall & ceiling clips

If you think “how do I solve this hanging problem?” We come up with smart solutions. We supply wall and ceiling clips for all our rails that are easy to install and guarantee a neat finish.

ArtiTeq is the "purveyor to the supplier" in this case, but you will also come across two other brands. With regard to ArtiTeq, take a look at the Artiteq Click & Connect - 3 Rings; this is a Click and connect system with Class and especially for people with a somewhat bumpy wall. Whichever brand you choose, you need 6 clips per 2 meter rail, but the distance between each of the clips may not exceed 40 cm.

Newly offers you the R-rail clip. This also serves (just like the Click & Connect from Artiteq) to connect two rails together by sliding the two rails each on one side of the clip.

Do you want to keep the STAS Evoluon Rail at a distance from the wall? With the STAS spacers you can easily solve this problem. Take into account here 7 spacers per 2 meter rail.

Moreover, the Newly or Stas drilling jig can help to create a balanced hole pattern. You can also order these at the same time. It applies to all brands that they are both handy and functional.