Screws, Tape & Glue

Here you will find all the picture hanging crews you may require.

Screws, Tape & Glue

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In many cases, screws are indispensable for fixing something where a nail is not sufficient and glue is too rigorous.

On this page you will find a variety of screws from universal to special. It is a combination from ArtiTeq, GeckoTeq, STAS and Newly.

In addition to the universal screw, there are others that have a specific application, which is indicated for each screw type. Examples: ceiling screws, drywall screws and rail fixing screws.

Glue and Kit

With the HPX Maxpower double-sided transparent tape you can easily attach materials. The very strong tape has good adhesion to metal, glass and most plastics.

Tec7 The All-rounder is the most universal kit you can find on the market. For applications in the construction world, the sanitary world and general maintenance. Tec7 replaces mounting glue, wood glue, PU glue, silicone sealant, sanitary silicone sealant, acrylic sealant, butylene sealant.

Finally, the Parabond 600 - this is a high-quality, fast-curing, permanently elastic adhesive sealant based on MS-Polymer with a very high initial tack and therefore very suitable for mounting our small suspension rail, the Contour Rail, without screws.