Solo Hangers

Here you will find all the picture hanging rail and wall anchor components you may require.

Solo Hangers

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Solo Hangers

The name says it all. It concerns the soloists under the hangers. ArtiTeq, GeckoTeq, Newly and Stas all offer possibilities to hang a piece of art on the wall in a beautiful way via one wire or cable. We offer you hereby a choice of optically and technically attractive solutions.

However, if you have already mounted a suspension rail, you will also find the option here to attach the wire to / in the rail. If it concerns a rail that is arranged obliquely, for example in a stairwell or an attic, it is advisable to also install a rail stopper. This holds the wire or cable exactly where you want it. And of course these rail-stoppers are also mentioned in the overview.

If you intend to make a loop in the hanging wire yourself, we advise you not to do this via a knot but to use the handy ArtiTeq Loop Maker.