Tile Hangers

Here you will find all the tile and small object hangers you may require.

Tile Hangers

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Plate- and tile hangers

For these hangers, only GeckoTeq is offering, or rather sticking. Apart from one system, it is all about hanging photos, images on glass, DiBond and Forex.

You can attach the adhesive plates and tile hangers to the back of a work of art. In this way you prevent damage to the object. They are effective in all cases if you choose the right product for the weight to be carried. You will also find a DiBond hanger with a safety system.

All these hangers can be attached to the wall with a hook or screw, but you can also use these hangers if you want to suspend the artworks with a Perlon wire or Steel cable from a picture-hanging rail.

Do not forget to order any PVC Bumpers to give the base/bottom of the object the same distance to the wall as at the top.