Hanging Components

Various rail system and picture frame accessories like drill bits, corner and end caps, anti-theft systems, Dibond, plate- and tile hangers and more fasteners for all the different picture frames.

Hanging Components

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Hanging Accessoiries

Besides the fact that you can order all hanging systems on this website, there is also the possibility to just order separate accessoiries. Whatever you want to hang up, when visting our webshop, you never have to go empty handed.

To name a few examples, please visit this page for ordering plate and tile hangers. But also for all types of hooks or framing wire. Paintings, Canvasses or Whiteboards, they all ask for different hanging materials and that is to a large extent presented here.

For example, suspension wires from Steel, Nylon and Perlon are available on reels together with the required accessoiries.

To easily mount Mirrors, Perspex, Forex or DiBond, there are Mirror Clamps, DiBond- and Photopanel hangers that you can attach to these. So we would like to advise you to scroll through the complete accessoiries page.

There is a good chance that you will encounter accessories that you did not know where they are available.