Hanging Hooks

Hang your wall decorations safe, elegant and flexible onto our suspension systems. With the various hooks you can hang your paintings, picture frames and other wall decorations perfectly and quickly.

Hanging Hooks

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Picture Hanging Hooks

Over the years, an extensive range of hooks has been developed that can be used in combination with the suspension wires in the suspension rails. Taking into account weight, ease of use, pricing and choice of materials, a wide range of painting hanging hooks is available.

The Micro and Macro Grip stand for the newest generation of hooks. For these hooks a high-quality plastic reinforced with fiberglass has been chosen, which has led to 70% less material consumption compared to previous generations of hooks.

In addition to the ecological benefits, the hook has an extremely light weight and optimum ease of use. For anti-theft reasons, we also offer various hooks with extra security.

This additional function exists to make it difficult to remove a painting from the suspension hook.

View our extensive range of suspension hooks here.