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Artiteq magnetische schilderij haken in wit

GeckoTeq Magnetic Picture Hooks white

GT0036 - 100 x 50 / K6-R7

this hook is available in white and in different weight-carrying capacities.

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These magnetic picture hooks make it easy to hang paintings or frames on a steel wall or cabinet. Sometimes you aren’t able or allowed to hang suspension rails in a room, so GeckoTeq has come up with a solution to hang wall decorations on steel room dividers or cabinets in a very solid and practical way.

The magnetic hook can be attached to a steel room divider to create a beautiful hanging system without using a mounting rail. This white colored hook is made of powder coated steel sheet.

These hooks are available with different weight-carrying capacities:
100 x 50    =   1kg
200 x 100   =   6kg
250 x 150   = 10kg
300 x 200   = 20kg
320 x 250   = 21kg * (only on special order)

GT0036 - 100 x 50

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