DiBond Frame

This DiBond Frame provides a means to attach a hanging system, in order to allow the panel to hang on normal picture hooks, adds rigidity to the panel, gives the panel a feeling of weight and spaces the panel away from the wall so that it appears to float.

DiBond Frame

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Sublimated prints on DiBond, Forex or Acrylic panels and other substrates are increasingly popular for both photo gifts and art photography. These fantastic images look great floating off the wall.

We have developed our elegant aluminium BackFrame profile in collaboration with leading photo print manufacturers. They attach to the back of a panel to keep it away from the surface of the wall and provide options for safe hanging.

 A lower frame is made of an extruded aluminium profile, with a matt silver finish that is by means of adhesive tape is attached directly to the back of a printed graphics panel.

 The aluminium profile is joined to create a frame using our uniquely shaped plastic insert angles. These have a combination of curves that form a slightly concave at the contact surface.

Aluminium panels can bend during handling and transport and if this happens, a BackFrame with sharp mitred corners can cause dents in the surface of the panel. The corners are made in a light grey colour that matches the aluminium profile.

 When customers flip their beautiful art print, they find a sleek, professional finish on the back. The subframe offers them an easy and safe way to hang their picture on normal picture hooks or hanging systems. Or it can be secured with T-screws for a theft-free mounting.