STAS Multirail Max - 200cm

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STAS Multirail Max

VC10420 / K8-R5

athis rail is 200cm with a weight carrying capacity of 45kg and available in 2 colours

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The STAS Multirail Max is a patented art-hanging system with an integrated 12v lighting system. This solid system is developed for the perfectionist. The rail has an extra flange, which provides a tight connection against a flat ceiling, and it is also possible to "hide" the cables simply behind this flange. For an optimal result, you can use an acrylic kit for example, to seal the transition between rail and ceiling.

In this way, the ceiling, wall and multi-functional art-hanging system then become one. Simple, portable armatures can be clicked into your rail at any given place, so that your wall decorations can be illuminated with LED or halogen lighting. This rail is 200 cm long and has a weight-carrying capacity of 45 kg per metre. The STAS Multirail Max can be attached to the wall, as well as onto the ceiling. Size: 38 x 11 mm.


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3 business days
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Wall mounting
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