Speciality Rails

A Specialty Rail is for those special places in the home or business. From traditional to very modern, from straight walls to walls with a curve.

Speciality Rails

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Wooden Picture Rail

Add picture rail moulding to your home - or replace old or worn moulding - for a classic, timeless look. These 2-meter sections of picture rail can be installed as a standalone moulding, or in combination with crown moulding. A wooden Picture Rail is an elegant solution for beautifully displaying your pictures and artwork.

Evoluon – the rail for round walls.

From now on, curved walls can also be used optimally with the STAS Evoluon Wall Rail. The STAS Evoluon Rail has been specially developed for curved walls, but this rail is just as easy to mount on straight walls or (slightly) undulating walls.

Tapestry Rails

Tapestries can be beautiful decorations for rooms and walls that need something a little extra. They can also add texture to walls and dampen noise. Even though tapestries cannot break if they fall, they still look better if hung properly. With de Tapestry Hanging Rail there are 2 different ways to hang tapestries but no matter which method you choose, with a few steps you will have a lovely tapestry hanging on your wall in no time!

DiBond Photo Panel Rail

The DiBond Photo Panel Rail has been especially developed to secure your DiBond, Forex, mirror etc. both safer and easier. It has the ability to adjust the height of the object. It also ensures that the object hangs more firmly and nicer, especially thin objects. The rail is supplied as a complete set.

Magazine Rail

Down with the sloppy stack of magazines, because with the Magazine Rail, where the rails are mounted directly against the wall, you organize magazines and magazines in a very attractive way. Tidy and catchy; more than suitable for a modern interior, plus you create more peace and overview in a room. Ideal for waiting rooms and offices, but also for day-care centres, libraries and hotel lobbies.

The Z-Bar suspension Rails

The Z-Bar Hanging Rails are often used by professional installers for hanging relatively heavy flat objects. The aluminum strips that can be connected together ensure a secure fixation and distribute the weight over the wall. The high-quality aluminum profiles interlock and are suitable for hanging frames, mirrors, cabinets and many other types of flat objects; and once hung they seem to float.

The Xpo Rail

The Xpo Rail is ideal for hanging signage and advertising materials from the ceilings in rooms. In combination with the Artiteq Solid Slider hanging wires and Panel Grips, panels made from different materials, with a thickness of between 1 and 4 mm, can be hung from the ceiling. The Xpo Rail is attached using clips onto which the rail is firmly clicked. The Xpo Rail is designed to be attached to the ceiling in open spaces. Therefore, for reasons of safety, only Solid Slider hanging wires are advised in combination with this rail.