Hooks for 4x4 rods

Despite their own light weight are these hooks perfect for habging very heavy wall decorations. Only suitable for our 4x4 Gallery or J-rail rods as normal or with safety brackets. 

Hooks for 4x4 rods

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For heavier works of art and objects you can use rectangular rods of 4x4 mm. These questions obviously need to be hooked. You will see a number of different clamping hooks here. Hooks that fix themselves to the height where you release them and there is weight to hang.

You will see various versions of the Artiteq brand and one of Newly. The load capacity per hook is different and varies from 40, 50, 60 and even 100 kg. You will understand that the rail must also be suitable for heavier objects.

Two anti-theft systems are also available for these rods