Twister Rods

Made of 2mm steel, our suspension rod with twister head is suitable for all Artiteq & Newly rails. Especially in combination with a Newly rail, the twister head will disappear entirely in the rail, creating an elegant way of hanging.

Twister Rods

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A steel rod – painted white - with Twister top for all Artiteq, GeckoTeq & Newly suspension rails. The Twister fitting disappears completely into the rail, creating an elegant way of hanging up.

This Twister fitting, that is attached to the top of the rod can simply be pushed into the groove on the underside of the rail. By turning the Rod a quarter turn it “locks” into place and can no longer fall out of the rail. A smart contribution to a fine design.

When ordering, you can choose from the corresponding versions and sizes the corresponding accessories