HealthCare & Education

Products specially developed for the Healthcare sector and Education in combination with the thoughts of sustainable building management.

HealthCare & Education

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The layout of the walls changes regularly in education. Classes full of children, resulting in a mountain of beautiful decorations for all walls and walls. These are best hung with the Artiteq Info Rail. The solution for presenting drawings, artworks and other documents on the wall in an organized manner. A beautiful sight and it also ensures the preservation of the walls of the building.

The ideal presentation system for drawings, maps and photos on the wall. With this system, walls do not have to be damaged by thumbtacks, adhesive tapes, etc. and changing drawings or posters is quick and easy. This hanging system has become indispensable, especially in classrooms and in school corridors, and is used as the ideal showcase for children's creations. The Info Rail is available in lengths of 100, 200 and 300 cm and in a white, black and aluminum version, and is easy to connect or shorten. Also view the handy accessories for the Info Rail, such as the Me-Clip and the Storage-Clip.

In addition to the Info Rail, Artiteq also provides solutions for schools in the form of flexible picture hanging systems, so that the walls can be designed flexibly and sustainably.

The Twister Hook designed by Artiteq, in combination with one of the Artiteq suspension rails, offers an ideal way to work flexibly with the cards of the 'Safe Learning to Read' method. In classrooms equipped with a suspended ceiling, a Top Rail ceiling can be mounted next to the ceiling. Another option is the Click Rail: a rail that is mounted on the wall. The Twister Hook is easy to click into the rail and is easy to move. The cards hang within one second. Now it is up to the children to learn to read.