LED & Acoustic Hanging

Here you will find everything you need to hang your lighting, LED and acoustic panels

LED & Acoustic Hanging

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With the advent of LED lighting, the application of artificial light has expanded enormously. There are still spots on the ceiling, but LED can be used to playfully use this light. Extra advantage: LED produces almost 75% light and 25% heat. With traditional lighting this is the other way around.

Hanging lighting, art and photos on walls and surfaces seems intuitively easier than attaching things to ceilings. The reality is that, with the materials from Perfect Hanging Systems, it can even be called a “breeze”. Hanging panels and lighting from ceilings therefore seems a much more complicated job, if only because you have to work above your head. We remove the greatest resistance and also make hanging LED lighting and panels a lot easier.

We do this by supplying sophisticated materials that are specially designed for easy operation. With smart ceiling mounting from well-known brands such as GeckoTeq, Stas and Artiteq, hanging, after perhaps drilling a single hole, has become friendly and easy. With products such as mounting tools, Self-clamping Hooks, Loop Hangers, Wire Ferrules, Magnet mounting and some simple tools, you will quickly look proudly at your own mounting and hanging work.

Everything can be ordered easily and conveniently in this category “LED & Acoustics Panels”. And do you prefer ready-made sets, those are also provided.