Panel Attachments

Handy tools for hanging lamps, lighting, (corona) screens, acoustic- and LED panels

Panel Attachments

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If the way of hanging a screen is allowed to be visible, an S-hook from GeckoTeq is the simplest and most economical solution. If you do not want to have the suspension in sight, the Artiteq frame hanger is the best solution. This is attached to the back / top of the panel and the object is easy to hang level.

These are some of the 18 different aids that you can choose from. The cord or wire that runs through the self-clamping hanger (Cable Gripper) can be fixed at any desired height. With our tools, we make it very easy to hang panels or lighting from the ceiling and the choice is wide.

Drill a few holes at the most for hard ceilings and uses numerous clamps for system ceilings. The correct location of the suspension does require some accuracy. Will the panel or lighting be placed exactly where you want it?

Often difficult to determine optically, but with a simple plumb line (wire with a weighted end) you can determine exactly where the ceiling mounting should be.