Wire & Ferrules

Make loops in wire rope yourself. Simple with Wire, Ferrules and pliers.

Wire & Ferrules

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With the advent of LED lighting, the application of artificial light has expanded enormously.

There are still spots on the ceiling, but LED can be used to playfully use light. Extra advantage: LED produces almost 75% light and 25% heat. With traditional lighting this is the other way around. From a ceiling, of whatever composition, light can be better brought to the place where it is really needed. To bridge that distance, you can choose from both perlon wire and steel wire, on the roll or in standard lengths.

Steel in the original steel color or in a white coated version. Fixed lengths are also available with an already fitted hook, loop or suspension nipple for mounting in the various suspension lugs.

With only a few tools, you can also fit a wire with a loop yourself. Using a wire clamp (ferrule), a loop maker, an Allen key or pliers. All necessary components can be ordered separately, depending on what you need. We at Perfect Hanging Systems will never leave you out in the cold and have made hanging our profession.

Of course, the peaceful and not the lurid form. Using our systems to attach panels or lighting to the ceiling, also have major advantages if this has to be done in temporary spaces. You will never leave walls or ceilings full of holes and simply take the lighting or panels with you to the new location after sealing only a minimal number of tiny holes in the ceiling.