Screw-locking Hooks

These hooks are suited for the hanging of lighter wall decorations. They are adjustable by a manual adjustment screw and are applicable to perlon- or steel wires having a thickness of 2.0 mm.

Screw-locking Hooks

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These hooks are suitable for hanging lighter wall decorations. Hooks with screw, the name says it all, you can fix it on the perlon, the steel wire and the 2 mm rod with the help of the screw. The wires may then have a maximum thickness of max. 2 millimeters.

These hooks generally have a somewhat more limited bearing capacity; up to approx. 10kg maximum. In this segment you will also find so-called sliding hooks. These are hooks that you can insert on the side of the rail and to glide them in the desired location.

You can use them with all wires with a loop. When ordering you will see an overview of the relevant accessories.