Self-Locking Hooks

These Self-Gripping Hooks have a spring mechanism on the inside that makes the hook lock itself on the wire, without the use of a screw-bolt.

Self-Locking Hooks

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Ratchet hooks

These hooks are suitable for hanging heavier wall decorations up to 20 kg. Almost all hooks in this segment are "self-braking".

You will find the difference between the hooks in the design and the applied braking technique. From the wide range you can determine a choice based on the brand, the design, the bearing capacity and the braking technique.

The load capacity of the hook must be aligned with that of the rail and wires to be used. The self-locking hooks can be used on Perlon wire, steel wire and 2 mm rods. Of course the price can also play a role.

When ordering you will see an overview of the relevant accessories so that you can make a complete choice