Artiteq Micro Grip haak - 10kg

Artiteq 1mm Micro Grip Hook - 10kg

3041100 / K2-R4

this hook has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 10kg. Can only be used with the 1,0mm Twister wire.

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This Micro Grip hook is suitable for hanging lighter wall decorations up to 10 kg. It has a self-locking clasp mechanism built into the hook and is made of technically advanced plastics. The height is easy to adjust by pressing on the hook. The Micro grip is a painting hook, which can be used only in combination with a Micro Twister perlon wire or a steel wire.

A maximum weight-carrying capacity of 10 kg in combination with a Micro Twister Steel Wire and 5 kg in combination with a Micro Twister Perlon Wire. Only in combination with Micro Twister wires.


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