STAS Zipper Hook Pro - 20kg

STAS Zipper Security Hook Pro - 15kg

HA30530 / K3-R3

This hook has a weight carrying capacity of up to 20kg

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The STAS Zipper Pro security hook is equipped with an extra theft-delaying bracket. As a result, paintings and other artworks cannot be taken off the wall in one move. Ideal for use in public or busy spaces. This aluminum coloured hook is suitable for the hanging up of heavier wall decorations up to between 15 and 20kg.

The STAS Zipper is a self-locking hook. It attaches itself firmly with a spring mechanism that is found in the hook. It is simple to adjust in height by pressing in the button on the side of the hook. The hook is used with a perlon wire with a thickness of 2,0 mm and has a maximum weight-carrying capacity of 20 kg. It can also be used with a steel wire with a thickness of
1,8 and 2,0mm.


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