AOS Zelfklemmende Plafondnok incl draad - 10kg

GeckoTeq Ceiling Clamp alu - 10 or 15kg

GT0040 / K4-R7

incl. 1,5 meter wire, screw & plug

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GeckoTeq Universal Material Clamp alu - 5kg £3.99
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Please note : This ceiling clamp does not include the GeckoTeq Universal material clamp

With a steel wire = 15 kg
With a perlon wire = 10 kg

This stylized GeckoTeq satin aluminim ceiling clamp is suitable for wire of up to 2,0 mm thick and has a weight carrying capacity of 10 kg with the perlon wire or 15kg with the metal steel wire. This ceiling clamp is also suitable for installation on slanted walls. This celing clamp does not come inclusive of the materials clamp GT0042

This item is sold individually and comes complete with a 1,5 meter perlon wire (10kg) or steel wire (15kg) - please make your choice here above - plus a screw and plug are also included for free. Installing the clamp, you first attach the "gold coloured" ring to the ceiling, after which you screw the housing in place.

This ceiling-clamp can be used in combination with the universal photo clamp or one of our self-locking hooks.


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