AjustHook adjustable picture hanger by GeckoTeq - per set of 5 incl. screws & plugs

GT0014 / K2-R12

Takes the guesswork out of displaying your pictures and artworks

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A success in America and now also available in the UK

Hang picture frames easily now with the AjustHook adjustable picture hanger. Simply mount on the wall in the general vicinity and make your final adjustments after but moving the vertical strip side to side or the small tab up or down. Including nails, screws and plastic wall plugs. AjustHook automatically adjusts horizontally and vertically to align your pictures and paintings easily without the need to make additional holes.

Weight carrying capacity:

1 vertical strip = 3kg

2 vertical strips = 5kg

3 vertical strips = 8kg


These work so well if you're trying to line up multiple frames and create a nice gallery feel. They also give you the flexibility to rearrange frames on your wall for a new look. I love them and so happy to find them here on the PHS website ! By Kevin Stoohs August 20, 2018

This product makes hanging pictures easier for me, as a woman. Don't have to call someone to help me!!! Thanks. Customer August 17, 2018


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